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Eventbin.com - Coupon Organizer Online App: Coupon Tips

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  • Saving Tip #1: Day of the Week Matters.
    Most grocery stores have 2 sales cycles in a week:
    1. From Thursday to Wednesday
    2. From Sunday to Wednesday
    So, it is best to be in stores during days that you have both sales cycles coincide, in this case it is from Sunday to Wednesday. Happy savings to you!
  • Saving Tip #2: Size Doesn’t Matter.
    Learn how to calculate per ounce or unit price. Many people assume that buying larger size products is cheaper because you are getting more of the product. This is part of the reason that many people buy bulk at wholesale warehouses or outlets. That is simply may not be true without looking up the unit price.
  • Saving Tip #3: To Stack or Not to Stack?
    First of all what is stacking? It is when customers combine 2 or more coupons on a single item. General rules of thumb:
    1. Cannot stack manufacturer's coupon with another coupon from the same manufacturer for the same item.
    2. Can stack manufacturer's coupon with store coupon for the same item.
    3. Read the fine print.
  • Saving Tip #4: How Much is too Much?
    Most items follow sales cycles. Having about 9-12 weeks of supply should enable you buy items at lower prices. Stocking up beyond that is an overkill (at least to me)!
  • Saving Tip #5: Coupons are Better Than Daily/Flash Deals.
    Coupons are better than Daily or Flash Deals. Here is the research to back it from Consumerist
  • Saving Tip #6: Take Advantage of Coupons from Sister Companies.
    Why waste your time going to multiple stores check if the store you are visiting will honor it? For example, Bed Bath & Beyond coupons are accepted at Buy Buy Baby (in this case they are sister companies).
  • Saving Tip #7: Stretch a Little, It’s Good for You.
    This is not just when you don’t have a coupon, I think this should be done for all your shopping trips: Scan shelves that are above and below your eye level. More often than not, you will find the cheaper items outside your eye level. If it is starring right at you, it is very likely more expensive.
  • Saving Tip #8: Electronic vs. Paper Coupon, Which One’s Better?
    Every store has their own policy for this. Some locations and stores do not allow both, instead they allow one of their coupons printed and a manufacturer coupon. So, before you load any coupons to your card, make sure if there is a better paper coupon and check store policies that can usually be found on their websites.
  • Saving Tip #9: Never Pay Full Price for Your Top 10-20 Products.
    Make a list of 10 – 20 standard competitive products that you shop often such as: toothpaste, cereal, diapers, hair care, soap, pasta, etc. Then make a policy to never pay full price for any of these products again. Once you get the hang of how to do it, then increase your list of products over time.
  • Saving Tip #10: Check If You Can Get a Rain Check!
    If the store has sold out the item you were looking for, don't leave empty-handed.
    1. Request a store employee to help you find the item if you are unable to find it.
    2. Ask for a rain check or for a comparable item at the same sale price.
    3. Remember to take it in some form of writing or note down the name of the employee that offered you the rain check.
  • Saving Tip #11: Super Charge Your Savings.
    Save coupons for on sale items: Match your weekly sale flyers with your coupon collection to save even more
  • Saving Tip #12: What to Watch Out For When Buying Coupons?
    Most website policies and manufacturer’s printed statements specifically prohibit the sale of coupons for cash. So, you might still be able to legitimately get coupons online by just paying the seller for shipping and handling. In such cases, make sure that you buy from sites that allow you to leave feedback on the seller so you can protect yourself from getting ripped in case the coupons you receive in the mail are fake or mostly expired.
  • Saving Tip #13: How Coupons Can Cost You?
    Avoid these deadly sins to avoid coupons that could cost you:
    1. Buying things you do not really need, just because there is a coupon.
    2. Buying in more items than you will use in bulk. (You could end up with expired or unwanted clutter in your house.)
    3. Focusing on brand names, that are not up to the mark on fulfilling your needs.
  • Saving Tip #14: Improvize Your Eating Habits.
    Instead of an 8 oz steak, split it into two 4 oz steaks instead; this creates two meals instead of just one! Add a can of beans or homemade salad to each meal. Remember meats are usually more expensive than beans and greens!
  • Saving Tip #15: Keeping Track of Your Savings with Coupons.
    These days almost all stores prominently display coupon savings so they can show you how much they value you as a customer.
    So no need for that calculator…create a fun activity or a paid chore for your child, nephew or niece and have them add up the coupon savings for you preferably on a computer. This will give you bragging rights on how much you saved and teach the young ones about savings.
  • Saving Tip #16: Print it Twice!
    Most coupon websites will allow you to print twice from a computer, so take advantage of the 2 coupons if you need it.
  • Saving Tip #17: Difference Between Coupon and Savings Pass.
    A coupon can be used only once, where as a savings pass can usually be used multiple time during its active period. Confirm with a store assistant and take advantage of the savings if you are eligible.
  • Saving Tip #18: Beer Friendly Coupons!
    The beer aisle at grocery/drugstores/gas stations is one of the strangest places I have found great coupons. Check for tear pads, while most of them are rebates for buying beer (or a beer + food combo); there are coupons that may specify “No Beer Purchase Required”.
  • Saving Tip #19: Print it Twice Again!
    Most coupon website reset their print count around the end of the month. This allows you to print 2 more copies of the same offer if you need it!
  • Saving Tip #20: Online Promo Codes = Green
    We use considerable amount of car miles for our shopping. Shopping online not only means you can use online promo codes but also reduce fuel consumption, pollution, need for print catalogs and excess packaging. Go Green!
  • Saving Tip #21: Get To Know Your Coupon Printer.
    A coupon printer is a small, free software application that most companies use to manage the coupon printing process on your computer. You will not be able to print the coupon unless you install the coupon printer.

    Make sure you are on a legit site before clicking on the download and install buttons.

  • Saving Tip #22: Don't Hestiate to Take Help - Part 1
    Create a fun activity or a paid chore for your child, nephew or niece and have them add up the coupon savings for you preferably on a computer. This will give you bragging rights on how much you saved and teach the young ones about savings.
  • Saving Tip #23: Don't Hestiate to Take Help - Part 2
    Sign up to online sites that offer discounts. Especially, eventbin.com because it not only provides you a tool to search for coupons but you can add alerts to several stores and brands in one spot and let the site do the search and organization for you!
  • Saving Tip #24: Take Advantage of Coupons That Apply to Products Varieties or Flavors.
    Check the fine print, because quite a few coupons apply to several other products from the same brand. You may find that you need another product from the same brand, which is also eligible for the discount!
    We provide a concise list of product varieties from the same brand on this site for over 10,000 brands, to help you with this.
  • Saving Tip #25: Don't Be Shy To Ask.
    Ask family and friends (or even the collegues that you are close with) to save their coupon inserts for you.
  • Saving Tip #26: Check for Coupons Early in The Month.
    Remember to definitely check for coupons early in the month, because sometimes manufacturers instruct the issuers to cap the number of coupons they distribute. Early birds get the prized catches!
  • Saving Tip #27: Take Advantage of Competitor Coupons.
    Don’t waste your time going to multiple stores, first check with the manager of the store you are currently shopping to see if they will accept competitor coupons or match their price with the competition. Hey, you will not only save time but also money on gas because you will be driving to fewer stores.
  • Saving Tip #28: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Coupons Closer.
    Keep all your soon to expiring coupons in the vehicle you use to do your chores. Having them stores in a transparent plastic bag or binder helps you keep them handy especially when you are busy and on the move.
  • Saving Tip #29: Know Your Coupon Sources.
    This will not only help you keep track of them but also ensure that you are getting legit coupons.
  • Saving Tip #30: Never Shop When You are Hungry, Even if You are Armed with Coupons.
    Most of us tend to buy unwanted stuff and lots of them when we go shopping on an empty stomach. The best time of the day to shop is after lunch or dinner. It not only kind to your wallet but also to your body because it keeps you moving!
  • Saving Tip #31: Shopping List + Coupons = Marriage Made In Heaven.
    This way you don’t cave into impulse buys and don’t make extra trips to the store just because you forgot one item. Best of all it will save you loads of time because you are not wandering the store trying to recall all what you need.
  • Saving Tip #32: Watch Out For Shipping Costs When Online!
    When you buy your holiday presents, don’t forget to take into account shipping costs. These can quickly add up to the price of a few gifts. To keep control over shipping costs look for:
    • Free shipping deals.
    • See if you can grab free shipping offer by adding useful eligible items to meet a minimum purchase amount.
    • Shop early so that you can go with a slower speed and hence lower shipping cost.
    • Some online retailers will ship to one of their brick and mortar stores for free or less than a dollar, which is usually affordable.
    • Finally, ship gifts together if possible.
  • Saving Tip #33: Expired Coupons Help Military Families Save Money.
    Don’t get rid of those expired manufacturer coupons, send them to those in the armed forces! Military families stationed overseas can use them at their base commissary and PX supply stores. Because these coupons can be used up to 6 months after the expiration date, they may be useless to civilians but can help our soldiers and army wives save money.
  • Saving Tip #34: Daily Deals vs. Coupons: Which One is Better?
    Coupons ofcourse, here's why?
    Unlike Deals, with Coupons:
    • You don't have to fork upfront cash
    • You’re paying for what you need – not extra items not accounted for in your budget
    • No surprises, no worries on the integrity of the deal site (which is a concern) or the retailer – it’s a coupon, after all.
    • Saving Tip #35: Go Online - Don't Become a Coupon Dinosaur.
      With the introduction of mobile, electronic coupons, store cards and now credit cards that can be loaded with coupons; technology is fast catching with traditional printable coupons, making electronic coupons easy-to-use for consumer to remember to use.
    • Saving Tip #36: 10 for $10
      Just because it says 10 for $10 doesn’t mean you have to buy all 10 to get the discount. Check the fine print or with the store manager, if you can buy only the fewer number you need.
    • Saving Tip #37: Pay Close Attention During Check Outs.
      See if all your coupons were applied during checkout. Also don't forget to confirm the same on your receipt before you leave the store.
    • Saving Tip #38: Keep an Open Mind.
      Including this site, a number of coupon-code sites are offering discounts on tax services, software, jewelry, motor oil changes and other purchases that at first may not seem eligible for coupon codes. So be open minded and look for discounts on everything!
    • Saving Tip #39: It Adds Up!
      Especially if your store doubles coupons or if you found a stackable coupon then even that 25 cent coupon makes a difference. Over the course of the year it can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings.
    • Saving Tip #40: Don't Forget Those Catalina Coupons.
      These coupons print out at the cash register. The cashier hands them to you with your receipt. You can sometimes get some pretty generous throughout the store discounts on these.
    • Saving Tip #41: Don't Forget Those "Peelies" or "Tear Pads".
      These coupons are stuck on products or their cousins tear pads next to price tags in supermarkets. Be alert when you are shopping!
    • Saving Tip #42: Assess purchases in terms of quality as well as price.
      By this it means think about the total cost of ownership.
      Total Cost of Ownership = Total Purchase Price + Maintenance Costs - Salvage Price.
      Total Purchase Price = Lowest Ticket Price - Sale Discounts + Shipping Fees + Tax.
      For example, an inexpensive shirt or trouser is a poor bargain if it wears out in just a couple of washes. So, consider fabric, stitching, washability and most of all likeability when you are selecting your clothes.
      Another example,
      Total Cost of Ownership for Car would be:
      Total Cost = Purchase Price + Maintenance Costs (e.g. oil changes, gas, tire changes etc.) - Resale Value.
    • Saving Tip #43: Buy (almost) new appliances.
      Almost new refers to cosmetic blemishes, which preclude retailers from selling the appliances as new. When it comes to functionality, the buyer is getting a new product.
    • Saving Tip #44: Shipping Fees vs. Airline Baggage Fees
      With most airlines charging for checked luggage, first checkout shipping via FedEx or UPS ground services. In most instances these will work out cheaper than airline extra baggage fees. Best of all, you'll enjoy better shipping tracking than the airlines can offer, plus you can breeze through the airport without waiting in line to check in and at baggage claim for your bags.
    • Saving Tip #45: Take Advantage of Free Wi-Fi Hot Spots
      These are particularly useful when you are travelling and shopping and don't want to pay hefty data plan fees when you are looking up for the next shopping deal.
    • Saving Tip #46: Check if kids can eat for free—or at a discount.

      Be sure to check ahead, because to qualify kids must be under a certain age, or you must order from special menus at specified times or days of the week. Some of the restaurants we found include:

      • Applebee's
      • Arriba Mexican Grill
      • Backyard Burgers
      • Beef O' Brady's
      • Black Eyed Pea
      • Brewzzi
      • C.B. and Potts
      • Captain D's
      • Chartroose Caboose
      • Chevys
      • Chicken Out Rotisserie
      • Cinzetti's
      • Cody's Original Roadhouse
      • Cross Creek Barbeque and Steakhouse
      • Damon's
      • Denny's
      • Dickey's Barbeque
      • Fazoli's
      • Firehouse Subs
      • Garduno's Restaurant
      • Gator Dockside
      • Gatti Town Buffet
      • Go Roma
      • Golden Corral
      • Hooter's
      • IHOP
      • Indigo Joe's
      • Jason's Deli
      • Jeffrey's Sports Grill
      • La Mesa Mexican Restaurant
      • Little Bitty Burger Barn
      • Lonestar Steakhouse
      • Luby's
      • Lucille's Bad to the Bone BBQ
      • Marie Callender's
      • Millies Restaurant and Bakery
      • Moe's Southwest Grill
      • New Orleans Riverfront Restaurant
      • Norms Restaurants
      • Perkins
      • Piccadilly
      • Pizza Hut
      • Pizza Street
      • Planet Sub
      • Pluckers
      • Quaker Steak and Lube
      • Quarterdecks Restaurant
      • Red Brick Pizza
      • Red Robin
      • Rockyard American Grill
      • Salsaritas
      • Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant
      • Smokin Okies BBQ
      • Souper Salad!
      • Steak n Shake
      • Sunset Grill
      • Texas Land and Cattle
      • TGI Friday's
      • The River Styx Grille
      • Tony Roma's
      • Tropical Smoothie
      • Uno Chicago Grill
      • Villa Rosa Italian Restaurant
      • Zapata's Mexican
      • Zarda Bar-B-Q
      • Zebb's Deluxe Bar and Grill
    • Saving Tip #47: 1-800-GOOG-411
      Call 1-800-GOOG-411, give your location, and speak a name or business. You’ll get a list of matches, and the service then will dial your choice. Unlike 411, it's free!
    • Saving Tip #48: Eat Free on Your Birthday.

      Free burgers at Red Robin, Fuddruckers and Ruby Tuesday.

      Free sandwiches at Schlotzsky's or Firehouse Subs.

      Free entrees at Houlihan's or Famous Dave's.

      You'll need to show your driver's license or other identification. Check ahead to see if the location you are heading to partipates in this promotion.

    • Saving Tip #49: Back-to-school Savings on State Tax Holidays
      Most Back-to-school sales-tax holidays occur in August and September, when some states allow shoppers to buy clothing, school supplies and computers free of tax. For a list of states and exact dates, visit taxadmin.org